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Responsive security plans

We create a customised and comprehensive security plan that seamlessly integrates into our clients' daily operations and principles.

To successfully understand our clients' needs communication is vital. Through constant and open client communication we provide the best security programs and practices in the industry. Our professionals have diverse backgrounds and are able to relate to the needs of our clients to develop customised security plans.

Site Assesment

We conduct a thorough site assessment, including but not limited to location, property layout, operations and technology to identify the appropriate measures needed to provide our client with a secure environment. Our professionals determine if the current security strategies are suitable with the clients' risk environment and are consistent with the industry's best practices. We identify security weaknesses and provide concrete recommendations to enhance security procedures. Site assessments are crucial for effectively planning immediate and long-term security improvements.

Strategy and implementation

We develop a customised strategy that directly addresses all security aspects including access control, patrol techniques, control room operations, emergency procedures and customer service, among others. Our security strategy includes a detailed cost/benefit analysis that determines the financial resources needed to execute a comprehensive security plan.
Our security guards become well acquainted and understand the importance of adhering to a specific security strategy before they are assigned to a client. By setting specific, measurable and attainable goals we deliver robust security solutions.

  • Robust Security works closely with property managers and homeowner associations to develop a customised plan that meets their specific security and customer service needs.

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  • Our clients are assured their security needs are addressed by dependable professionals, allowing them to focus and prosper in their business.

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  • At Robust Security we understand the importance of providing a positive shopping experience through visible security, customer service and innovative technologies. Through the implementation of a customised loss prevention program we provide a secure shopping environment, managing our clients' risk. At Robust Security we provide security services that parallel our clients' image and standards.

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