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About Robust People

Our people are the key to our success and foundation of our company by continuously empowering and providing our people with a challenging and rewarding environment to help them succeed professionally and personally. Through effective recruitment programs, comprehensive screening, efficient training and retention practices we offer our clients a select and dependable security staff.

At Robust Security we use leading recruitment tools to identify quality employees that have the potential and ability to succeed in the security industry. Through our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) we compile a database of candidates that fit our success profile based on leadership, discipline, teamwork and customer service.


All applicants are screened to certify qualifications and corroborate their suitability for the position. The screening process confirms that the candidate is an accurate match and will contribute positively to our clients' objectives.
• Background Checks
• Credential & Reference Verification
• Drug Screening
• Personality & Competency Tests


At Robust Security we retain employees by incorporating the following motivational practices:
• Positive Corporate Culture: We base our culture on honesty, excellence, respect and teamwork.
• Communication: By establishing efficient communication channels we align objectives, optimize operations, improve quality and increase customer satisfaction.
• Rewards on Performance: This program is vital for the impact of employee motivation and leadership. These recognition practice inspire and energize our staff to produce quality results.

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